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Bread, sweet dough, fresh pasta: could it be worth every penny to really make it yourself?

Your kitchen has yet again get to be the center of social and life that is family your home for which increasing numbers of people are encouraged to liberate their internal cook. We also understand that food is key to a healthier life and that is the reason trends are increasingly being imposed that benefit the alleged genuine meals additionally the recovery of house cooking.

Up against the processed and junk food we have been now rediscovering the pleasure of DIY or do so yourself, as our grand-parents currently did. If within the past they made bread, muffins and pasta by hand, you will want to return to conventional cooking? If you think that the entire world of bakery as well as the public is simply too complicated, we expose its secrets to find out why it really is worthwhile.

Real food versus ultra-processed

Beneath the term food that is real “real food” there is certainly a motion to reclaim normal foods, completely homemade and healthy , to combat the extra of ultra-processed meals.

And what exactly is genuine meals ? Very easy: those services and products or components inside their natural state or with a minimum processing who has maybe not changed their properties and nutritional elements. As an example, natural or frozen fruits & vegetables, natural preserved veggies or fish, fresh meat, dried out or prepared veggies, artisanal bread, whole grain products or normal pea nuts.

The ultraprocessed are items that have actually industrially transformed food, destroying nutritional elements and worsening their quality . They’ve been modified to make them more accessible, cause them to more appealing towards the public and comfortable to eat, changing their texture or taste with ingredients. They normally are extremely caloric, they don’t nourish and their usage may be harmful into the run that is long.

Home cooking: key to a healthier (and tastier) diet

Cooking at house we understand just what components we use , we are able to select the right products that are natural utilize healthy strategies to obtain the many away from them. The household home of all of the life not just has that unmistakable comforting taste, it’s also the main element to consuming a well-balanced diet and, consequently, a lifestyle that is healthy.

Is home-made and healthier at chances with contemporary life? Exactly the latest innovations in house technology allow it to be much better to come back to the standard, with utensils and appliances such as for example home robots with which we conserve effort and time . You don’t have to expend hours when you look at the home preparing a stew and today everyone else could make their bread that is own probably the most novice.

The flexibility for the robots additionally allow innovation in conventional dishes integrating more expert strategies of contemporary haute cuisine, to give that innovative point additionally with exotic components fusing types of other cuisines. Because consuming healthier does not always mean its bland or boring.

Which are the features of making bread, candies and pasta in the home?

Bread, sweets, pizza or pasta have obtained a reputation that is bad but properly because of the intrusion of industrial items of low quality. The sweet and salty masses are elaborations of long tradition that currently ready in Antiquity, and that have now been type in the eating of this being that is human.

Planning our very own do-it-yourself bread, we recover the pleasure for the genuine artisan bakery , with tasty masses that taste old and final many others times into the pantry without losing its quality. We additionally control each of their components and may make sure they are so much more wholesome, for instance with wholegrain dishes, seeds and pea nuts and on occasion even vegetables and fruits.

Additionally the candies additionally the pasta taste different if they are 100% do-it-yourself, with this do-it-yourself home-made flavor that the industry is not capable of imitating. Baking our biscuits or snacks makes versions that are healthy lowcarb meals, full of proteins, gluten-free or lactose-free, sugar-free, whole-grain, vegan as well as its much simpler than we may think.

Utilizing the Kenwood Cooking Chef robot you can expect to master all masses easily

Dealing with sweet or salty masses constantly creates some respect. Confectionery is reputed become highly complex plus it appears that numerous hours and energy are expected to help make bread that is homemade pasta, but things have actually changed a great deal considering that the period of our grand-parents.

Just as no body washes clothing by hand, house technology provides us methods to make our lives less difficult within the home, and much more therefore with all the pace that is hectic of today. A) Yes. Kenwoods Cooking Chef home robot is considered the most versatile and practical to get ready anything you propose, additionally public and pasta of all of the types.

It really is a robot that is ideal enjoy do-it-yourself bakery and pastry, as a result of its big plate of stainless with capacity of 6.7 liters , with the capacity of dealing with the greatest public. In addition, considering that the base works on the induction cooking system, it could be changed in to a fermentation chamber to quickly go the bakery doughs.

Kenwoods exclusive system of planetary action permits the accessory combined to your robot to show on it self, while rotating into the reverse way towards the axis that is central. In this way the guy can mix, beat and knead everything: above, below, into the center and on all edges.

Having its effective 1500W motor and its own great security, also beating at high rate, it generates less noise and it is effective at working perhaps the heaviest public , to ensure that we do not need to concern yourself with kneading by hand, hence saving some time considerable work. While Cooking Chef kneads, mixes, grinds and beats, the elaboration can be controlled by you or dedicate yourself to other tasks.

The stainless steel add-ons make perhaps the many complex ways to be sewing and performing. Cooking Chef features a rod that is globe-shaped, a versatile blender, a stirring hook, a K mixer to mix and a kneading hook designed particularly to organize fermented doughs in record time. With the planetary action associated with dish, it reproduces the motion of the baker kneading device to get expert outcomes.

It is possible to venture in to the delicious realm of fresh homemade pasta , into the style of Italian mammas , however with the minimal work. Among its significantly more than 30 extra add-ons, there clearly was a fresh pasta maker and another in order to make flat pasta, with which to get ready many varieties. Through the classic tagliatelle, cannelloni and spaghetti to sophisticated forms such as for instance casarecce, trenette or bigoli; you will shock everybody else acquainted with your most imaginative meals.

With Cooking Chefs pre-established cooking programs while the great cookbook you will not be short of ideas to start taking out the baker or pastry cook you have inside that you have at your disposal online. It suggests that everybody can go back to enjoy homemade bread or conventional pastries into the fastest and easiest method, perhaps the youngest people will help.

Kitchen Robot Kenwood Cooking Chef KCC9060S induction heating

Kenwood Cooking Chef kitchen area robot will end up your indispensable associate on a daily foundation many thanks to its multifunctionality, flexibility and its own 8 add-ons . It has fast, efficient and induction that is safe technology with an array of conditions (from 20Р’С” to 180Р’С”) and 23 pre-established programs to handle various recipes effortlessly. It has 7 cooking modes to adjust to each recipe.

To help make matters more serious, registering in the Kenwood web site you are going to access the Platinum provider , the totally free VIP solution with that you simply will love many advantages, including the 5 year guarantee, collection and delivery associated with robot in case there is incident in addition to present of a kitchen area scale. And keep in mind that into the Cooking Academy area of Kenwood ideas that are many you to definitely inspire and obtain the chef you’ve got in, with dishes by expert chefs, videos to consult when you need and lots of courses totally free of fee which they celebrate throughout Spain. You will see to obtain the many away from your Cooking cook with tips and tricks to prepare like a specialist.


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